How Many Approved Regional Centers Are There?

The USCIS’ web site seems to indicate that as of today there are 214 regional centers (and I have recently heard several top people in the EB-5 field quote similar numbers in excess of 200), and yet the statistics published today by the USCIS indicate that there are only 194 approved centers. The reason for the confusion is that the USCIS’ List of Immigrant Investor Regional Centers shows the total number of “entries” on the list, not the number of centers. The two numbers are different because regional centers which are approved to operate in multiple states have an entry on the list for each state in which they may operate. You can see this for yourself by clicking on the [Printer Friendly] icon above the list, and then clicking on the “Regional Center” heading above the second column. This will sort the centers alphabetically, and you will see that some centers appear more than once. If you eliminate the duplicates from the list, there are 194 centers as of today, January 23, 2012.


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