Fee Structure

FREE Service

We scan the entire EB-5 universe to identify the ten safest projects in the EB-5 marketplace, and we send you summary reports on the five projects best suited to your situation and goals for FREE. You receive –

  • Five “Executive Summary”-type reports on the Top Five projects
  • One-half hour discussion by telephone with us at case startup so that we can better understand your situation and goals
  • One-half hour discussion by telephone with us as you approach your final choice among projects
  • No other telephone or email support

Note that before we can send you or any investor information about an EB-5 project, we must fulfill our “Know Your Customer” obligations imposed by the Financial Regulatory Authority (FINRA) and U.S. and state securities law. So, before starting, you must provide the following items.

  1. Download our EB-5 Investor Agreement (click here), fill in your name, then sign and date
  2. Fill out our secure online questionnaire (click here)
  3. At the end of the questionnaire, upload a scan of the face/data page of your passport, as well the signed EB-5 Investor Agreement
  4. Set up an appointment to speak with us (click here)


Everything in Free Service, plus –

  • Unlimited answers to your questions about projects by email/telephone/Skype until you have made your investment decision. Our typical client asks us dozens if not 100s of questions over the several weeks or months it takes to choose the best project. They consistently trust our unbiased information and judgments more than the feedback they get from regional center sales representatives.
  • Review up to three projects you identify that are not on our Top Five list, and we provide you with our conclusions about the strengths/weaknesses of the project.
  • Share with you our “inside information” from over nine years in the EB-5 industry concerning the history and performance various regional centers, as well as discuss with you problems the regional centers have had that they don’t reveal to investors
  • Counsel you regarding compliance with “accredited investor” requirements
  • Assist you with subscribing and wiring funds to the project.

If you have hired one of the attorneys with whom we have a long-standing relationship, we may be willing to waive our fee and provide Concierge Service at no charge. Call us to discuss.