Advantages of Construction Underway while Awaiting EB-5 Funding

Advancing construction while awaiting EB-5 funding allows EB-5 project managers to substantially de-risk the project by limiting to the time duration and scope of the future risk scenario. This is because most problems that stop or slow down a project occur in the design and drawing phase or in the very early stages of construction (there may be permitting, zoning, labor, material or financial problems yet to deal with). Most EB-5 projects are offered to investors during the design phase. Other projects use bridge or equity financing to advance project construction and thereby reduce risk to investors. Another advantage is that the financial analyst doesn’t have to look as far into the future when projecting future cash flows from the project. It’s a lot easier to estimate cash flows for a project that will be operational in six months than it is to assess likely cash flows two years down the road. A lot can happen in those two years!

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