• I don’t have enough cash for an EB-5 investment, can I get a gift from a relative to make up for my shortfall of funds?

    Yes, but your attorney will have to undertake the same detailed and exacting analysis of your donor’s source and path of funds that (s)he does for you.

  • Can I used money I earned in the USA to fund my EB-5 investment?

    Yes; in fact, it's an excellent source of EB-5 capital, since you will have tax returns and other documents that will have a high level of authenticity in the eyes of the Immigrant Visa Program Office (IPO) examiner.

  • Do I have to maintain my current visa while the I-526 is processing?

    The I-526 petition does not provide legal status to the petitioner while the application is spending; so, if you wish to remain in the U.S., you should maintain you current status until you receive your Employment Authorization Document about three months after your I0526 petition is approved,

  • How long will I have to wait to get my green card?

    About three years, if current processing remain unchanged. You can learn more at https://eb5duediligence.com/eb-5-process/.

  • Can I buy a gas station or motel to qualify me for an EB-5 green card?

    No. The enabling statute for the EB-5 visa requires that the investor create a “New Commercial Enterprise,” so purchasing an existing business will not qualify the investor for the visa. Such a purchase would also likely fail to generate the 10 (additional) full-time jobs required for an EB-5 visa.

  • How much do you charge?

    We do not charge investors for our service. We will receive a finder fee is you choose one of the project we show you, and that’s enough for us. You can learn more at https://eb5duediligence.com/free-service/.

    Just about everyone in the EB-5 world will be telling you how great they are, and then asking you to send them money. With us, you don't have to take our word about the quality of our work; you can just sign up and see for yourself. We only get paid later, if we successfully place you in an EB-5 project.

  • If I elect to work with EB-5 Analytics, will I be obligated to pick a project you show me?

    No, you will be entirely free to pick whichever project you choose, even if we didn't introduce it to you.

  • Can I obtain a loan and use it a source for my EB-5 investment?

    Yes, but only if the loan is secured by an asset you own that is worth as much as the loan amount. A home equity loan, for example, works well as a source for EB-5 funding. Personal loans unsecured by an asset you own will not be accepted by the USCIS as a source of EB-5 funds.

  • Can you provide references?

    We can, but we try to avoid it. The reasons are twofold - 1) We just don't like to impose on our clients with such requests (they hired us to help them, not the other way around), and 2) referrals of this type often have very little value, when you think about it. Even the worst businesses can find one or two people who will says good things about them ("even a stopped clock is right two times a day"), so there really isn't much value in it. It's more important to look at industry recognition as evidenced by important articles published and speaking engagements at industry conferences, in our estimation. Nonetheless, if you insist, we will give you references to past clients.

  • Do I get my principal back if petition is denied?

    Yes (assuming no fraud). All EB-5 projects pledge to return your principal in the event of an I-526 denial. The time they give themselves to return the funds varies, however, from program to program. Most projects state that they will use “commercially reasonable means” to return the funds. Others place a time limit (e.g., 60, 90, or 120 days) to return the funds. Our project reviews describe the specific rule for each individual project.

  • Can my friend and I each contribute part of the $500,000 and share the visa?.

    No, there must be one petitioner per EB-5 visa application and all the funds must be invested by the same individual.

  • Is direct investment a good idea?

    Usually not. Many investors consider it, but few select it in the end due to the following drawbacks, among man:

    • You will have to run the business yourself, or hire a manager to run it for you.
    • You will probably have to reside near the business location
    • Direct investment EB-5 businesses can not count indirect jobs (which constitute the bulk of jobs created in the regional center context). So, you must create 10 actual jobs, with W-2s and payroll records. It's hard to find a business that creates 10 direct jobs from a $10,000 investment.
    • You may have to keep workers on the payroll whom you don't need (e.g., in a recession or business slowdown) to preserve your green card chances.
  • Will I receive interest or dividends from my EB-5 investment?

    If EB-5 funds are loaned to the Developer, the regional center of EB-5 project manager (if an RC is being “rented”) will receive the bulk of the interest payments. They use this income to offset their startup and management expenses, and to earn some profit on the venture. Most projects pays EB-5 investors less than 1% interest. If you invest as an equity holder in the project, your return will be based on the profitability of the enterprise. 

  • How do I know that the projects you will show me are really the Top Projects on the market?

    I suppose no one can be 100% sure about this given the fact that there is unavoidably a certain amount of subjectivity in all project evaluations. We can say this, however - our business model was designed from the very beginning to marshal all our incentives to one goal - serving the client's interest. For example, our clients are not obligated to work with us under our contract. We could spend months answering a client's questions, educating the client etc., and if he picks a project that we didn't show him, we get paid nothing. Not a good result for us! So you can see that we have a very powerful incentive to always have the very best projects in our Top Projects list.

  • Do you work for the regional centers?

    No. We have never agreed to promote any regional center or it projects. We receive one type of payment from the regional centers, as follows: if we conclude a review of a project and deem it to be competitive with our Top Project, we enter into an agreement with the EB-5 project management firm whereby it will pay us a "finder fee" if we one of our investors invests in the single project that is the subject of the agreement. 

  • Will you review a project for me that is not on your Top Projects list?

    Yes (up to three such projects per investor), We will do an initial review for free, until we are able to decide whether the project is likely to be competitive with the projects we are already showing, and we will share the results with you. If the project looks like it is very strong, we will continue the review (it will take about three weeks), and share our conclusions with you at no charge. If we don’t believe the project will be competitive, we will charge you $5,000 to finish the review if the project is exemplar approved, and $12,000 to finish the review if the project is not exemplar approved.