I-924 Exemplar Approval

An I-924 “exemplar petition” is often filed by the regional center at the very beginning of the project offering. It is essentially an early I-526 petition without a petitioner. Only the project documents for a petition are sent to the USCIS with the hope that the Service approves the exemplar. If the USCIS approves the exemplar, then the project is approved for all subsequent I-526 petitions UNLESS the project managers make a “material change” to the project and/or its documentation. So, an I-526 petitioner filing based on an investment in an exemplar-approved project can only see his I-526 petition denied if 1) the project undergoes a material change (this is rare), or 2) there is a defect or deficiency in the petitioner’s source and path of funds part of the petition.

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