Services for Investors

Case Evaluation

Our firm will interview you to evaluate:

  • Your eligibility for the EB-5 visa
  • Possible U.S. immigrant visa inadmissibility
  • Accredited investor status
  • Ability to prove lawful source of funds and clear path of funds
  • Other visa types that may be better suited to your needs and goals, what those visa types are, and how they might better suit your needs
  • Your investment selection criteria, including review of your personal and professional background, financial situation, risk-tolerance, industry preferences, and other pertinent characteristics to better understand your preferences and requirements in choosing among EB-5 projects

Initial Evaluation of EB-5 Projects

We will assist you in narrowing the choices of current EB-5 projects to the three best suited to your objectives. We will:

  • Share with you all information we have concerning the history, performance, financial and management features of the various regional centers and EB-5 project managers
  • Provide you with a up to ten (10) “Executive Summary”-type 8 to 10 page summaries of the main business, financial, historical and organizational features of various EB-5 projects, all having a common analytical structure to allow for easy project-to-project comparisons
  • Provide you with a due diligence analysis of selected EB-5 projects’ conformance with legal requirements for the application for the EB-5 Pilot Program visa
  • Provide you with a due diligence analysis of the selected EB-5 projects’ conformance with legal requirements for the removal of the conditional nature of the initial permanent residence status (permanent green card)
  • Conduct up to twenty (20) hours of research on your behalf wherein our firm interacts with selected EB-5 projects as your attorney/financial advisor to develop additional information needed to evaluate the EB-5 projects

Review of Offering Documents

With regard to the three EB-5 projects of greatest interest to you, we will review:

  • The subscription agreement
  • Partnership agreement
  • Other documents proffered by the selected EB-5 projects in advance of making the final selection of EB-5 project

Review of Financial Statements

We will obtain and review the following financial documents from the selected EB-5 projects:

  • Cash flow statements
  • Net worth statements
  • Other available financial documents in order to assess the financial strengths and weaknesses of the selected EB-5 projects

Interview of Principals of Selected EB-5 Projects

We will join you in a three-way telephone conference to interview project principals to:

  • Discuss/clarify ambiguous issues
  • Challenge marketing assertions
  • Assess principal’s knowledge and character

Personal Service

Everyone can rely on John Roth to be completely familiar with the legal and financial nuances of the EB-5 visa, as well as with the subtle intersections between the two fields. All of our EB-5 clients can contact our firm without difficulty. E-mails to our firm are answered promptly. The case moves forward without interruption or delay.


Working with Your Attorney

You already have an attorney

We will accept your case for due diligence services only, assuring your attorney that we will not now or ever provide you with attorney services, and we will coordinate with your attorney so that he or she may continue collecting source and path of finance documents while we handle our job of assisting you picking the best project.

You want to hire an attorney based on our recommendation

John Roth has been to virtually every EB-5 meeting and conference since early 2008 and he knows who are the very best attorneys in the field, many of whom we have worked with in the past many times. We will give you a choice of attorney who are highly experienced and who fit your unique needs. We do not charge for this service. Give us a call to discuss the details.