The Challenge

The EB-5 investor looking for a safe investment faces the following problems:

  • Hundreds of active projects on the market at any given time
  • A mixed legal/financial/government investment vehicle that is unfamiliar to the investor
  • SEC “private placement” rules that ensure that very little public information is available, so investors must rely on the regional centers for information
  • Regional centers and migration agents who are more interested in marketing than due diligence analysis
  • Problems occurring “under the surface” that the regional centers are not going to tell you about
  • Few advisors who can identify and evaluate both the legal and financial issues in an EB-5 project, as well as the complex interactions between the two fields

Our firm was designed to meet this challenge. Our experienced legal and financial analysts and our years of research combine to help investors make smart choices among leading projects. We view our mission as educating, supporting and empowering our investors to select among GREAT projects, not merely good ones.

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