What We Do

To find the best possible investments for our customers, we follow the following approach:

Comprehensive data gathering. We use our extensive connections and long experience in the EB-5 industry to identify the most promising EB-5 projects (our principal, attorney John Roth, has been doing so since February 2008).

Pre-screening for legal risk. We eliminate all projects from consideration that have anything but a the lowest possible risk of green card denial.

Evaluation of financial risk. We undertake due diligence evaluation of management, income and cash statement, profit & loss, and projections and much, much more for each project.

Project profiles for investors. Projects that qualify as among the very best in the market are placed on our online Project Portal that puts our research results in a user-friendly environment, with help screens to educate investors about project selection criteria. Our clients love it!

Concierge service until project selection. We are highly accessible to investor questions for as long as it takes the investor to make a final project selection.

Web forum for our investors only. Our clients have the opportunity to exchange insights and judgments with other EB-5 Analytics clients on our private web forum.