What We Do

To find the best possible investments for our customers, we follow the following approach:

Comprehensive data gathering. We use our extensive connections and long experience in the EB-5 industry to identify the most promising EB-5 projects (our principal, attorney John Roth, has been doing so since February 2008).

Pre-screening for legal risk. We eliminate all projects from consideration that have anything but a the lowest possible risk of green card denial.

Evaluation of financial risk. We undertake due diligence evaluation of management, income and cash statement, profit & loss, and projections and much, much more for the project.

Project profiles for investors. We provide a minimum of five “Executive Summary” reports providing a summary of the features and characteristics of each project as well as a summary of our financial analysis. We will also evaluate a project the investor suggests to determine whether it is competitive with our top projects. If it is, we issue a full report..

Concierge service until project selection. We are highly accessible to investor questions for as long as it takes the investor to make a final project selection.