Whom Can You Trust for Truly Independent Advice?

Overseas Emigration Agents?

They typically promote only the regional centers that are willing to pay them the highest referral fees. These firms are clever enough to understand that the centers willing to pay the highest fees are also the ones offering the weakest projects. But they don’t seem to care very much. How do we know? Over the last year we have offered our due diligence services to a dozen emigration agents in China for as little as $5000, but none have accepted our offer.

U.S. “Due Diligence Experts”?

There are self-described “due diligence experts” in the U.S. that are also engaged in consulting and marketing of regional center projects (more so, in fact, then they are engaged in genuine due diligence). How do we know? We have seen two principals of such a firm at last two big EB-5 conventions acting entirely as marketing agents for a couple of regional centers.

Then there are the completely unlicensed due diligence firms in the U.S. who are accepting referral fees without the legal right to do so. Most regional centers will not take the securities risk involved in working with such firms. So, this leaves them to recommend only regional centers that are acting in a very risky manner as regards the securities laws of the U.S.

Big EB-5 Law Firms?

The big EB-5 law firms have a tendency to steer their clients to the very same regional centers that are sending them clients and paying them large consultation fees to be their immigration counsel.

EB-5 Analytics?

Our firm has no such conflicts of interest. We do not accept consulting fees or any other arrangement with regional centers that might lead us to favor one regional center or another. You are welcome to call them to check it.